Basic wiring information

Most of the following info was borrowed from Hubbell's web site under Technical Information.
This is an RJ48
(if you are a telecomm person)

It's also an RJ45
if you are a datacomm person

  • 4 pair UTP cables come with these colors: blue, orange, green, and brown
  • pairs are usually a color + white
  • the white wire should be in the lower wiring position, or tip
  • the colored wire is referred to as ring.

T568A & T568B wiring configurations

We use T568B

  • The pair numbers stay the same color in both configurations.
  • The pair locations are different.
  • The pair configurations are the same. E.g. 1+2, 3+6, 4+5, 7+8
  • Notice how the middle two wires are a pair, then the next two (3+6).
  • Pair 1 is 4+5 and blue in both.

Common connector pin-outs

4/16MB Token Ring
Note the tip/ring reversal on pair 1
FDDI on copper
56k WAN T1 WAN

25 pair colors

T1 Network Adaptor

Some CSU/DSU's have a DB15 network connection instead of an RJ48. These should be wired as follows:
Color RJ45 Description DB15
Blue 1 Receive Tip 11
Orange 2 Receive Ring 3
Red 4 Send Tip 9
Green 5 Send Ring 1