From: Casper Dik 
To: Jan-Philip Velders 
Subject: Re: ticlts, ticots, ticotsord ...
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 20:35:46 +0200

>in the midst of a major renumbering operation (3 class C reshuffles,
>and one class C being split into 4 different sized parts...) we
>encountered some problems with a couple of Sun's (Ultra 5, Solaris
>2.6) which failed to start rpcbind at bootup in single user mode.
>We traced the problems to the files:
>Which are identical and contained hostnames from way back, on
>installation, when hosts had entirely different names, on a

These files are required to contain "`uname -n` `uname -n`"; it's
a requirement for loopback RPC to work correctly.

>Now, we've read the manpages, and kinda deduced that these files are
>used when only a loopback device is available (e.g. Single User
>Mode)... But we're at a loss of when and how these device(s) come into
>the picture and what they precisely do...

No, they're always needed.