Slipsteaming is adding service packs to distribution to avoid the additional steps of installing the SP after installing the software


  1. create an administrative share from the CD by typing into the [start] [run] dialog box
      Z:\setuppro.exe /a MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1
  2. enter the license key
  3. install it to a location that can be shared on the network, e.g. d:\software\officeXPpro
  4. get the fullfile service pack from MS
  5. create a folder for the service pack, e.g. d:\software\officeXPpro_sp3
  6. unpack the service pack to a folder by typing into the [start] [run] dialog box
      D:\software\officeXPSp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu.exe /t:D:\software\officeXPpro_sp3 /c
  7. apply the core patch to the image by typing into the [start] [run] dialog box
      msiexec /p D:\software\officexppro_sp3\mainsp3ff.msp /a D:\software\officeXPpro+sp3+CD\pro.msi /qb /lv c:\temp\pro.log
  8. apply the web patch to the image by typing into the [start] [run] dialog box
      msiexec /p D:\software\officexppro_sp3\owc10sp3ff.msp /a D:\software\officeXPpro+sp3+CD\owc10.msi /qb /lv c:\temp\owc.log
  9. modify the autorun.inf file to access setuppro.exe
  10. burn to CD if you have the appropriate licenses
  11. use the following command to recache and reinstall office on client computers
      msiexec /i \\server\software\officeXPpro+sp3\pro.msi REINSTALL=ALL RESINSTALLMODE=vomu /qb