How to load PPTP on NT4.0 server

Last Update: 19 October 1998

RRAS assumes that the NT server has two NICs and the PPTP connection is coming from the "real" IP side to access the "illegal" side.

Follow the instructions in order and completely:

  1. Install NT 4.0 Server and SP3
  2. Install Service Pack 3
  3. Make sure RAS and PPTP are NOT installed
  4. reboot
  5. Install Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)
  6. Install PPTP VPN device(s), but don't add them to RAS
  7. reboot
  8. reinstall Service Pack 3
  9. reboot
  10. Install PPTP hotfix (do NOT reboot)
  11. Install RRAS hotfix
  12. reboot
  13. add VPN device(s) to RRAS for dial in (probably)
  14. you probably don't want PPTP filtering
  15. configure routing for RAS
  16. make sure IP forwarding is enabled
  17. supress default route on "illegal" NIC
  18. reboot
  19. configure any static routes needed
  20. disable source IP addr changes by RAS server if necessary