Cisco Switch VTP

Information stolen from Cisco's documentation

VTP can only manage VLANs 1 - 1005 (not 1025 - 4094). Switches that share the VTP domain name will allow global VLAN config changes. Switches default to VTP server mode and can learn their domain from a trunk port. Switches will ignore advertisements with different VTP domains or with earlier config revision numbers. Changes made to the VLAN config on a VTP server get propogated to all switches in the VTP domain via all trunk connections (ISL, 802.1Q, etc).
set vtp mode transparent will allow VLANs to be created and modified on an individual switch instead of on all the switches in the VTP domain.

Switches can operate in one of three VTP modes: server, client, transparent.

Some example VTP commands

set vtp domain testing123
ser vtp mode server
set vtp passwd stay-out

set vtp domain company-name
set vtp mode client

set vtp mode transparent

show vtp domain