Steps to add disk space to AIX from a SAN attached array
  1. create the volume on the array
  2. map the volume to a LUN and to the host(s)
  3. zone the fabric to present the LUN to the correct HBA(s)
  4. run cfgmgr to prove for new devices
  5. run lspv to see the physical volumes
  6. run mkvg -y vg-name pv-name to add the physical volume(s) to a volume group
  7. run mklv -y lv-name vg-name NumberOfLPs to create a logical volume (if necessary)
  8. run crfs to create a file system
  9. run mount to bring the filesystem on line
  10. OR just run smitty

Steps to delete disk space from AIX

  1. backup data
  2. umount /deadmanwalking
  3. lsvg - shows volume groups
  4. varyoffvg deadmanwalking
  5. exportvg deadmanwalking
  6. lspv - shows physical volumes